BarCo 11.0

As you might know, the TB-cafe is run by students. The BarCo (short for Bar Committee) consists of 6 students and one member of the 25th Curius board. Each member has their own particular tasks. In brief:

Tom Boucherie - President. He aims to make everyone feel very welcome in the cafe every Thursday.
Tom Brouwer - Secretary. Brom keeps in contact with everyone that has a stake in the bar. If you ever email us, you will most probably get in contact with him. 
Maureen Zwart - Treasurer. Basically everything that involves money, is taken care of by Maureen!
Joël Portengen - Commissioner of Consumption. Joël manages the beer. He orders the beer, and makes sure its cold before served to you.
Lars Jansen - Commissioner of Promotion. He tries to make every Thursday night a great succes!
Eva Hogervorst - Commissioner of Innovation. She is the one who tries to realize new concepts in the cafe.
Mira Groot - Qualitate Qua. Mira is the link between the BarCo and the Curius board.